King's Champion

Created by Talon Strikes Studios

King's Champion
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781 backers pledged $27,576.00 on Kickstarter

An exciting, hybrid Euro-style game of medieval jousting, with worker placement, resource management mechanics & innovative combat.

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$27,576.00 / 781 backers
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Playmat legacy square thumb
20x30 in. Neoprene Play Mat
Neoprene Playmat with printed art. Deluxe full color playmat with all the buildings and political... more »
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Custom Alternative Knight Art
Add-on the 18 Custom Knights from the Duke pledge level. Six new Ability Cards and 3 new knights... more »
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House of Borgia
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King's Champion
One Copy of King's Champion with all the unlocked Stretch Goals at the Kickstarter Price, BOOM!
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Champion Bundle
Get all 18 Knights, the Advanced Abilities and the Awesome Playmat for only $38.00 plus shipping.... more »